Having incredible health asks for flexibility, for creativity, for vulnerability, for experimentation, for commitment & especially for a sense of responsibility. It is necessary to update our beliefs around what we eat, around how we see our body & especially how we are choosing to live/nourish ourselves (lifestyle + self care regime).

Have you ever taken the time to assess your relationship with food? How what you eat makes you feel, how it influences how you act; how it may dictate your behaviours & more? Food primarily is how we fuel our body, however, it is largely misused as a coping mechanism. With using food to emotionally cope we can miss out on having greater health + body awareness because instead of using it as fuel to propel us, we use it as a crutch to cover emotions. When emotions are unprocessed and stored in the body (like stress, sadness, guilt, shame + anger) they can result in things such as weight fluctuations & even have the potential to manifest into other more serious ailments. If we can use food for what it is & the right foods at that, as nourishment + fuel, while allowing ourselves to feel we can heal. We must feel to heal, not mask. If we allow ourselves to fuel our body with REAL food that has REAL ingredients, packed with nutrients then we can better show up in our world, more consciously, more creatively, more wholesomely. When we are in a healthy state of Being we naturally make better decisions. Getting clean by eating a balance, clean intake of food we can better position ourselves to open our lenses of perception to see other potentials & make better choices through it. Choices that ripple to affect the world in a positive way, in a more sustainable and conscious way. It all comes down to how we view ourselves in relation with our food & how we utilize this relation.

With this, take what serves you, experiment (have some fun) & find out for yourself what “truth is” aka what TRULY works for you. The truth is, there is no one way of eating or living that is “THE WAY”. To find YOUR WAY requires that you honour yourself (that unique authentic). The more we honour ourselves, incorporate in REAL self-care, nourish our bodies with high quality foods & understanding what makes us tick + why,  we can optimize our health & step towards mastering ourselves through our self care regimes.

Having incredible health asks for flexibility, for creativity, for vulnerability, for experimentation, for commitment & especially for a sense of responsibility. It is necessary to update our beliefs around what we eat, around how we see our body & especially how we are choosing to live/nourish ourselves (lifestyle + self care regime).

If we can invite in a sense of objective curiosity by experimenting with living, with eating, with looking outside of ourselves, our family & the social norm/paradigm, we can start to make space for new stimuli, for new helpful info and experiences to unfold. Essentially, looking outside of your potential echo chamber. What happens is you, me, we, can become automated in our lives & not challenge enough of the ideas or “ways of doing things” we have been taught or shown. The idea is to even challenge yourself, from the things that you think are working, to the aspects of your life + diet that clearly aren’t. You might be surprised by what you find, that there indeed could be a more fulfilling, enriching, experience from it. Worst case, you can try it and go back to what you were doing prior. The idea is to stay open minded and willing to try new things regardless of discomforts/fears that arise (push through the cognitive dissonance). The idea “Challenge what is working” might seem counterintuitive, making us think about the saying “don’t fix it if it’s not broken?” The thing is, you should be able to test what is working because that way it gives you feedback and you know you are on the right path. If you’re doing something just based off of what you were told but haven’t really taken a look outside of it. This is the only way to truly know, by testing it & proving / disproving it. The art of this though comes in the ability to enter into those “tests” without preconceived judgement of the outcome. Aim to stay neutral. If it reveals something new and thus ask of you to create some sort of change – GREAT, flow with it. It is a great opportunity to learn….Teaching this to kids will keep them ahead of the game as well.

When your lifestyle, your choices (in and out of the kitchen) guide, nourish, empower + inspire you – you’ve found that sweet spot. Creating a healthy relationship with food deepens our relationship with not only ourselves but with our earth, with the natural world. Food is sacred and remembering this and it’s relation with our body and the land can transform us. It’s a great gift that requires many thanks. It’s easy to feel grateful when we are in a state of recognizing the beautiful brilliance within nature, within ourselves, within all sentients, all plants & thus our food…Let us honour what we consume & give back by being our best self. 

Here are a few suggestions on how you can upgrade your relationship with food, master your self care regime & gain incredibly radiant health.

  1. Incorporate as much diverse selection as possible. Choosing foods that are wild, heirloom & thus hold strong life force. I find also choosing foods that have strong history/traditional use or cultural reverence, genetic integrity. Foods that are grown by someone you know, or yourself (consider, what are you investing money into with each purchase).
  2. Getting outside of labeling & focus on what is right for you…out of trends, dogmas….check yourself check in with how your feeling when your eating certain foods = after affects…do you feel confused or discouraged or empowered, nourished, fulfilled?
  3. Get outside of industrial paradigm (choose whole foods not synthetic). Look outside of food guise and government suggestions – into the natural structure and teachings of the land
  4. Get creative. Try out unique nourishing dishes (get out of the norm…even take your standard Meat potatoes diet and upgrade it with new herbs, techniques). Try adding 1 new recipe in each week to EXPAND YOUR PALLET (upgrade it)
  5. Incorporate as many true Superfoods/Herbs as possible. These are the in-between where we find food with medicinal potency and strength so you get more value for your dollar…they contain high food value nutrients body needs. Superfoods = superpowers = superhuman
  6. Use exploration and observation to learn more deeply about yourself, the land, foods…food is one of the most important and intimate relations we can make to bridge is back to natural land
  7. What we eat literally becomes our body. It deeply affects our mind and emotions…make it simple on yourself, what is good for body is good for the earth…back to the basics but whole new depth and potency.
  8. The key is to build your knowledge of self and natural world, self exploration. Personalize your research, get specific.
  9. Remember by making good food choices you can not only make a positive change within yourself but within the world, within the food systems….

As you try these, remember the key is when you feel good, you’re more likely to do good. Commit to it & you’ll gain momentum. You’ll become more motived, gaining the confidence and capability to show up in your life the way you truly deeply desire to deep down. With this the blocks start to become less daunting. We become more confident & capable.

Treat oyursef with nourishing foods, connect with the earth & step into true self care + self mastery. It all starts from the ground up. Keep cultivating, creating & nourishing thyself.