Let’s talk sh*t.

Sh*t is such a versatile word. It really is one of those words that’s the crux of the English language.

You can get sh*t faced, be sh*t out of luck. There are happy sh*ts, dumb sh*ts, lucky sh*ts, and in some ways, we can be asked to sh*t or get off the pot. You can smoke sh*t, buy sh*t, lose sh*t. Some people know their sh*t, other people definitely don’t know their sh*t, and some people are just plain full of sh*t. You can shoot the sh*t, catch the sh*t, and when you’re deep in sh*t we say “Awe man the sh*t is hitting the fan.”

But what I want to talk to you about… is when you look like sh*t, feel like sh*t, and you feel like you’re up sh*t creek without a paddle! Now, if you’re the kind of person that avoids saying “sh*t happens” when you’re feeling like a bag of sh*t then we’re here to help with some of our pointers to get your health, and your sh*t back together.

Feeling like sh*t? Let’s talk about Microbiota:

We’re not making this up, there are some DRAMATIC peer-reviewed studies on mushrooms and your overall gut health! But the most important thing a mushroom can do is improve your overall gut health. It’s being found the world’s oldest living organism that’s been taking the world by storm has also made its way into the very fabric of improving your health!

No single place in the human body receives the benefit of this “mushroom sh*t” then your guts! Gut microbiota contains more than 10 TRILLION microorganisms, these microorganisms do everything from helping you digest your food, to protecting the lining of your stomach, it defends from certain kinds of Pneumonia and even helps you break down other drugs more effectively in order to assist in positive health retention from other Health Practitioners.

The microbiota are also indicators for almost anything else in your body! Want to improve your immune system? Improve the health of your microbiota! It’s really that simple! The T-Cells that help your body fight infection are directly impacted and are either suppressed or activated based on the activity of your microbiota. Microbiota are the bat signal to the rest of your body saying “Yo, body – we’ve got a foreign invader, it’s time to get your sh*t together.” Just like that, your body gets to work to help you get rid of that sh*t.

So what should you do to improve your overall gut health? Well, you can spend hours on end working like a beast to ensure that you’re creating a perfect environment for this bacteria to flourish in, or you give our Mutha’s blend a shot. It’s specifically designed to improve your gut health with 9 different kinds of mushrooms, all specifically aimed at your overall gut health!

Looking like sh*t, Mushrooms for keeping you on top of your game:

You know the feeling. You’re tired, your face is flush, you feel cold, overall – there isn’t a whole lot of great circulation going on! You’re not getting blood, and therefore nutrients and oxygen where it needs to be in that delightful temple we call your body!

Now, getting more blood to this area, otherwise known as vasodilation is the trick to making you feel like you just took an energy shot straight to the brain socket! We want to improve your circulation – now – there are definitely a few things that we would suggest you do in order to help you look and feel at the top of your game and get that rosy little step back in your daily walk!

First things first, take a big ol’ dose of Cordyceps Mushrooms. These bad boys are going to do a few things for you –

  1. They’re going to ignite your exercise performance by delivering more oxygen to your muscles. Don’t believe me? Ask the scientists.
  2. They have anti-aging properties and are JAM PACKED with anti-oxidants in them so you can keep your youth that much longer. Here’s more proof.
  3. They’ve even been shown to have an anti-tumor effect against certain kinds of cancer cells. Including lung, colon, skin, and liver cancer cells.
  4. It may be good for your heart. There have been significant adenosine effects (a protective heart chemical) linked to the consumption and use of Cordyceps.
  5. On top of ALL OF THAT, it’s may help you regulate your blood sugar. There have been several studies linked to reducing the effects of Diabetes within rats. 1, 2, 3.

Not able to take a sh*t? Mushrooms that help move that sh*t along:

Sh*t makes mushrooms. Mushrooms make you sh*t. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship. Let’s start giving mushrooms, natures sh*t disturber credit where credit is due!!! It handles your sh*t inside and outside!

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing more refreshing than a good bowel movement to get your day going in the right direction!

What you want to achieve is regularity. I’m talking about the kind of regularity that has you on the toilet at exactly 10:03 AM every single day. The kind of regularity that doesn’t have you struggling like a toddler pushing a dump truck after way too much cheese.

Let’s talk about the Lion’s mane mushroom! This bad boy does exactly what you need it to! It keeps the sh*t rolling so you don’t have to worry about eating more chemically preserved Raisin Bran! What does it do?

  1. It’s one of those mushrooms that balance microbiota – as soon as this mushroom hits your stomach, it gets to work doing the work of improving your overall gut health!
  2. It improves food intolerance and reduces inflammation within the gut! It’s polysacharidic (many sugars) and has a habit of stimulating your overall gut health in many ways from the entrance to exit. Here’s some science on that!
  3. It has the potential to even restore nerve function – you know, that thing that everyone says can’t grow back if you screw them up? Yea -it’s showing to have neurogenerative properties from crush damage. Do you know what else is jam-packed with nerves? Your brain! Want to improve cognitive function? Give the lions mane mushroom a shot!

Taking back your health, a mushroom prescription for getting your sh*t together:

Overall, if you want to get your sh*t together. We’re going to suggest you check out the world Mushrooms has to offer first! Mushrooms are the OLDEST living organism on the planet – don’t take these sh*t eaters for granted. They’re showing a HUGE positive impact on your overall mental and physical health!