Super-herbs that help you harness your Power, Calm your Nerves & Live your best life (with less Stress).

There is an array of incredible SUPER-HERBS classified as what we call Adaptogens. These powerhouse superfoods we are referring to house a plethora of amazing properties that have put them recently in the centre spotlight (& rightfully so!). You’ll hear all about the why + how so you can start to gain your superpowers with these super herbs here below.

These natural substances (certain plants + fungi) have been used for thousands of years through Ancient Medicinal & Therapeutic practices. These systems of medicine & living (such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Eastern Ayurvedic Medicine + Herbalism) have truly paved the way (but yet there is so much more to discover!). When we consider it, we really do exist atm in some really exciting times. Within our modern Westernized world, there is so much ease & accessibility to these natural substances like never before giving little excuse to not be using them. Through the astounding research that has been done through clinical studies & through the stories of peoples personal experiences, strong evidence keeps piling up. If there is one universal theme that shows clearly through all of it, it is that they have incredible benefits to offer each of us. Whether you are using them to combat the effects of a high stress, fast paced busy lifestyle; to maintain optimal energy flow, to create a radiance + glow or maybe it is to increase your cognition + clarity, truly, they are a masterful component to creating a healthier, happier, human experience. If you want a higher quality of life, longevity & a way to tap into your natural gifts + superpowers, well then these are defiantly for you!

A D A P T I N G + upgrading yourself

Adaptogens are here to help us increase our ability to ADAPT to the demands of life. These super herbs help us ADAPT to our stressors (mentally, emotionally & physically). These superhero’s of the herbal world are a classification of herbs, which includes some mushrooms, that strengthen & increase the intelligence of our immune system. They work to increase our stamina, to restore hormonal balance, to help express our optimal gene expression & reduce the ill effects that stress can creates within the mind + body.

To be an ADAPTOGEN, they must hold a few key features

  • They must be non-toxic in normal therapeutic doses, house a amphoteric effect on acute to chronic stress (helping to restore normal physiological function)
  • They must produce a higher functioning state within the body that aids as resistance against physical, emotional and environmental stressors).
  • Adaptogens must modulate our body’s stress response thus helping our genes function at their optimal capacity.

These unique and extraordinary allies fit in the sweet spot between food and medicine (& like Hippocrates said, let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food). In basic terms, they upgrade your system.

Lets talk S T R E S S

Stress – something we are all too familiar with. Can you think back to a time or experience when you were stressed, what did it feel like? When you think about being stressed, what does it look like for you? What does it usually leads to?

Have you ever taken into consideration how this “loop” is actually really F’n your life up? Can you imagine a life without this or at least with having the ability to ADAPT to your stress? Its not that we should say stress is bad or that we should shy away from it but rather lets lean into it by becoming more adaptable. By becoming stronger, by healing our bodies on a deeply cellular level, on a genetic level. With all of that the key is knowing you can break the cycle, the loop & that way of living. It does start with taking full responsibility for our state of health, for how we manage ourselves & our stress. It takes us reinstating more trust in ourselves & seeking less exterior assistance because the cost is high when we don’t – the cost of ignoring what our body is very clearing trying to communicate to us because we are externalizing all of our power.

Food is both fuel for the body & medicine. It matters what we put in our mouth, in our body. The human body literally uses what we give it to build our cellular structures in which then create tissues, then organs, which then create systems that either works to generate energy to run through it or it fails to do so creating extra work for the body to catch up.

If stress affects us on such a deep level & is commonly linked to illness and disease, isn’t it worth ones efforts to invest in building the body up with elements that are proven to work? Taking adaptogens is an investment in our greatest expression, it creates energy reserves that help us humans get out of the mess we’ve created & into a higher functioning state.

Stress shows it’s face a little different for everyone. Everyone has certain levels of operating, of conditioning to what they can handle. Its very clear when we can handle more we usually accomplish more. They thing is when we’re stressed we don’t think as well as we could. We become less creative, more reactive and almost 9x out of 10 when we don’t feel good chances are we don’t look good either & nobody wants that. Stress can manifest in syptoms like these:

  • Headaches.
  • Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea.
  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles.
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.
  • Insomnia.
  • Frequent colds and infections.
  • Loss of sexual desire and/or ability.

Mind jumping all over the place? Tired, fatigued? Feel like you’re running on auto pilot and you know it but cant get out of it? Do you have no energy left to focus on creative projects or goals? Do you sometimes feel like you just want to just give up but you won’t? Irritable, snappy at your family members, friends, coworkers? Stress can really affect our most important relationships & it has a way of keeping us up in our mind rather than in our body (ex: you can’t even enjoy sex because you can’t seem to turn off the to do list). Stress leads to low productivity, you know that feeling like you’re behind or not ever getting ahead, that you’re in a lower vibration, that you’re not aligned? There is always that haunting knowing that you know you can do so much more with yourself, your life, your gifts, your abilities, that you have a higher purpose here. The truth is you do & you can live with less stress all by being able to adapt to it. When we can adapt to our stressors on an emotional, physical and mental level we literally take ourselves to another level of operating. Adaptogens are here for your optimal function, for humanities optimal function. Imagine a world where we function at a higher level, where we live life more by design rather than default. Imagine a world where we truly realize how much our food, our medicine affects us.

Start to image what it would be like to adapt to stress and operate on a new level of awareness, being less emotionally charged, less anxious, less irritable. What would you do if you had more energy? Would you focus on your passions & pursue your sacred, divine, deeper calling?!

What are you waiting for!

When we aren’t in fight or flight (cortisol pumping through our veins) because we’ve added in adaptogens to help aid that & taken control over our lifestyle this is when we harness our power.

We believe it means that you would have a much better life – science proves it too, you get more creative when you aren’t in fight or flight, being creative feels good, it fuels us on another level like a primary food for the soul. It also can help us create solutions and see outside of the box (being creative). Health is the greatest wealth, it truly matters what we put in our body. Truth is when we are not stressed we literally can be more conscious in how we want to respond to life rather than being driven on autopilot mode, raving our engine…show up as the real you & co-create your world from that space. You can have it all. Remember that. Health is the foundation to manifestation.

Reishi Mushroom

A few favourites Reishi, Cordyceps, Astragalus, Eleuthero, Liquorice, Schisandra, Shatavari, Turmeric, Ashwaganda, Hawthorn, Maca & Goji Berry.

With dosage and safety of these super herbs it is most important to honour your body by listening to it. To truly paying attention to the signals it is giving. We suggest starting with smaller doses, 0.5 – 1tsp for average adult & if necessary working into higher dose like 1.5 – 2tsp (see how you respond and then act accordingly). Adaptogens are not for children under the age of 5 because of their developing immune systems, they can be too stimulating. Reduce doses for elderly, take a break, consult a naturopath doctor, herbalist or qualified trusted knowledgable practitioner.

Trust me, these work – but only work if you actually take them (sorry but osmosis doesn’t work in this case)! Whoever said eating healthy was boring, limiting and lacking in flavour honestly had it all wrong. There is so many ways to merge delicious + nutritious together. Depending on their extraction (whether in powder, tincture or dried form) you can basically add them to any of your favourite dishes (within reason). Try them in soups and stews, smoothies, mix them up in a raw desert batter; make an elixir or a tea, sprinkle some on your porridge or how about in a chia seed pudding! If you’re really struggling & just want to take them without making a meal, try a tincture under the tongue or capsulate them! If you’d like to explore some ways to add these superfoods + herbs in, download our E-book here & try out some of our recipes!

Remember your body is seriously amazing. It knows how to create a state of homeostasis when given the chance to do so (it is always seeking to create + maintain this dynamic equilibrium). The body is constantly performing an intricate balancing act (with or without your conscious effort). It’s heart beats, its lunges breathe, it absorbs, processes, eliminates + more. It’s goal is to keep you alive and functioning at your best, so make it easier on it & add in some adaptogens already!

– KATJAAK MOON ///Founder///Visionary Health Coach/// RHP