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Let's talk about Elixirs!

Our elixir blends + beverages are medicinal masterpieces. These blends are loving + intentionally crafted to support the body at any stage of life - to ACTIVATE, NOURISH, HEAL + SUSTAIN. These nutrients have the ability to offer you all the benefits to up-level your health. Whether it be building your immunity + conquering  common colds, reducing stress (with their adaptogenic properties), to improving cognitive health, reducing anxiety, aches + pains, balancing hormones +more, know that it is all possible through the right combination of ingredients & intentions. Don't worry, they taste great and are home to many familiar ingredients such as our famous Chaga mushroom and Cordyceps within our MOJO Blend!

So what exactly is an Elixir you may wonder? Basically they are a high performing alchemizing drink that you can make by adding in super-foods & extracts/powders to some of your already favourite drinks (like coffees & teas). These "Herbal like Lattes" are crafted in a way that can truly bring about your desired health goals.

"ELIXIRS; botanical beverages that will surely change your life (& health)"

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MOJO (Adaptogen Blend)

This array of herbs and superfoods is designed to assist in creating balance within the body. It primarily works as a brain stimulator, increasing focus and higher productivity. With this combination of superfoods and herbs they work to energize the body while combating everyday stressors (adaptogenic). This blend can be easily enjoyed on its own making a great addition to, smoothies, teas, herbal elixirs, chocolates, oatmeal, yogurt and more!

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Frequently asked questions about


Do they contain alcohol?

Our elixir beverages are primarily alcohol free. They provide stimulation and activating aspects through the array of herbs and ingredients used. However, some of our tinctures that could be used within an elixir beverage have been extracted using pure 40% alcohol. Depending on their ingredients, alcohol isn't always need to extract the medicinal compounds. We also use hot water extraction to do the same. So if you're curious, ask us anything & check out the ingredients of each elixir just to be sure!

What is a skin elixir?

These are elixir blends + beverages are rich in plant + mushroom extracts that work wonders on your skin because of their extremely high antioxidants count & other nourishing, essential vitamins + minerals!

How do elixirs differ from mixture?

In the sense of how we are using the word ELIXIR, we primarily are referring to the crafting of an Herbal Beverage. The finished elixir beverage typically contains an extract of an herb, a fat (coconut oil, cacao butter), a sweetener (raw honey or maple syrup) & a menstrum (the liquid base, like a tea or milk of choice). These are all blended together to alchemize and synergize the beverage. We do make "elixir blends" which are an array of herbal active ingredients that have been extracted through a syrup, alcohol,  hot water (decotion) or cold water (infusion) to ensure quality + potency. These blends are to be mixed within something as one integral piece of the beverage.

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