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Let's talk about Raw Cacao

Raw cacao is ground down from the bean into the purest form of chocolate! Rich in many nutrients, it is great for it's antioxidant properties. Raw cacao is different from cocoa powder since it is not roasted, therefore, maintaining all it's wonderful nutrients.

Cacao is believed to contain high amounts of antioxidants such as Flavonoids and many other nutrients and minerals such as Stearic and Oleic fatty acid, Anandamide (the bliss chemical), Theobromine, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, PEA, and Tryptophan. Cacao is highly anti-inflammatory and contains heart-protective properties, balances hormones and restore feelings of well-being. Cacao is commonly used to increase energy, fight chronic fatigue, anti-aging and appetite suppressant properties; reduce insulin resistance and sensitivity, improve kidney and stimulate bowel function, protect the skin and prevent tooth decay, improve cognitive function, as an aphrodisiac.

We offer raw cacao products and classes! So if you are interested in learning about the process, check out our courses page and get started in making your very own raw cacao! You can get raw cacao from us in three forms: powder, paste, and butter.

- Featured Product -

Organic Cacao Powder

Botanical Name: theobroma cacao (pronounce kah-kow) - Criollo *200 G bag *

Certified organic

Origin: Ecuador

Certified Fair Trade, Organic, and 100% Arriba Criollo cacao from a farming cooperative supporting the livelihood of over 3000 small and sustainable growers.

The Criollo variety of cacao beans are an ancient strain that is a native-born heirloom species. Our cacao comes from the high-elevation volcanic soils of the Arriba Nacional forests of Ecuador. The Criollo variety is considered worldwide to have the finest full floral aroma and flavor profile. It holds a deliciously bitter taste and is classified as a fermented food. Our Cacao beans remain unroasted - just sun-dried.

Storage: best kept at room temperatures around 20C (68F), away from direct sunlight, protected from moisture, and tightly sealed.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is it good for you?

Chalk full of magnesium and flavanoids, this powerful superfood is fantastic in more ways than one! Primarily used for it's anti-inflammatory properties, raw cacao is a new buzzing superfood everyone is talking about. Raw cacao also has calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and more. Therefore, there are plenty of nutrients for you.

How do you eat Raw Cacao?

Raw cacao is actually quite versatile in it's methods of ingestion, plus it works as a "deliverer" with its vasodilation properties giving it the ability to drive whatever medicines you pair with it deeper into your cells. You can blend it into a smoothie or elixir, whip up some hot milk & some honey with it, break off a square & enjoy. There are so many ways to enjoy it. You can learn all about the various methods by asking us in store, in class, or online. Also don't be afraid to experiment, you can mix herbs, spices, fruits, nuts, seeds, algaes & flower essences to chocolate. Keep at it, you may create something delicious + nutritious!

How much should you eat per day?

Our Cacao is some of the highest quality of Cacao on the planet - Criollo Arriba, an heirloom strain from Ecuador. This "chocolate" is very potent & powerful so a little goes a really long way. Typically 1 to 4 teaspoons a day would put you in a really great place, mentally, emotionally, physically & even arguably spiritually. Cacao has been used in Ceremony for centuries playing an active role in "opening the mind + heart". This may also depend on your own personal prefferance and budget, so work around that accordingly. Thankfully, it's not detrimental to have too much or too little, so experiment a little and see what works best for you.

Is Cacao and Cocoa the same thing?

Raw cacao is made through cold-pressing cacao beans, removing the fats. Cacao looks the same, however it is different since it is not roasted at high tempurateures. This maintains all the great nutrients in it's raw form.

Does Raw Cacao keep you awake?

Depending on your body, raw cacao will most likely act much like coffee before bed. Therefore, for most of us, you will be kept awake since it contains caffeine. It is recommended to avoid it before bed if caffeine affects you in that way.

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