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We wanted to bring the Mutha Earth Superfood Revolution to Lethbridge. So we did just that! We created custom blend of superfoods designed to enhance your nutrition profile, offer all of the amazing health benefits of the Mutha Earth Mushroom blend!

Superfoods offer a wide variety of natural health benefits designed to awaken your bodies processes like never before. Experience the Mutha Earth difference with our partners in Lethbridge - The Purple Carrot!

We're excited to show you the gut healing, inflammation relieving, brain supercharging powers of our entire MuthaEarth Line up that has taken the country by storm. Let's get your healing underway with Mutha Earth Superfoods!

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Superfoods Lethbridge

Mutha Earths Mushrooms

We opened up our entire line to the Lethbridge Superfood world! We have a comprehensive and highly exclusive blend of Mushroom infused coffee, Dried Mushrooms, Mushroom Tinctures, Extracts, Chocolate and so much more! All of it is designed to take your body, mind, and spirit to the next level!

You name it, we can make a difference in your life. Our users have noticed an increased performance in cognitive function and awareness, Stress relief, weight loss, and so much more. You’re definitely going to notice a combination of great taste, and nutritional properties that are going to help you body heal, your brain become more alert, and overall quality of life improve.

That’s ok! We’ve got an amazing selection of articles and each and everyone of our products is listed in store to help you decide on your health goals and what MuthaEarth can do to help you achieve exactly that! Simply click here to go to our store or, if you’re looking for more information – our blog is a great resource! 

Customer Testimonial

Isadora Raven

The most magical place with the most magical offerings! I will forever support Mutha Earth and am always amazed by all they have to offer. They are very knowledgeable on their products and put in all the love and care. When a business truly values their customers and has strong values you can really tell, and here it shines in BIG, bright, blinking lights that this is the case. Cacao and Lions Mane are my favorite and I use them daily. It has enhanced my life on a very deep level. I'm also so very grateful for the 'Moonment' events and their wide-range of involvement in the community. I'm forever thankful!

Kristi Campbell

Love, love, love, every product I have tried. The wealth of knowledge that both Linda and Kat have to offer is amazing. They know exactly what to recommend for you. I use the products daily in my life. I could not recommend them more, if you are looking to improve your health and wellness, this is most certainly a place you need to visit.

Johnny King

Hands down, one of the best shops in town to learn about the power of mushrooms and pure cacao. While you browse her wares and fill your mind with helpful expanding information, you can also enjoy one of the many tasty beverages they have to offer. Its at least worth the stop in to meet the lovely souls that work here ❤

Jennifer Kirby

Mutha Earth has become one of my favourite places! I love the atmosphere in the shop and the knowledge shared by Linda & Kat each time I go in. My mental health has improved since using their nutritional blends and their cacao crafting classes are super fun and informative! Highly recommended!

Superfoods Lethbridge

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