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Let's talk about Tinctures!

Tinctures are essentially extracts. Through steeping herbs and other ingredients in alcohol, the nutrients and benefits are extracted into the mixture and bonded with the alcohol to amplify its qualities. This helps make the desired nutrients more bioavailable for your body, therefore, making the effects faster. 

Tinctures take a significant amount of time to create, and last even longer! Requiring very little dosages for noticeable effects, tinctures have an incredible shelf life and longevity of use!

Tinctures are quite versatile, and hence, they have a plethora of healing properties depending on what it is you desire. So check out our selection for something that may help you, and try it out today!

- Featured Tincture -

Red Belted Polypore

Local, wild crafted with dual extraction 30ml tincture. The Red Belted Polypore has been compared to the Reishi Mushroom, as though a sister mushroom holding similar properties. Polypores are known to be:







“Claimed to Reduce Fatigue and Soothe the Mind” 

Alcohol tinctures of these mushrooms are highly effective at extracting the medicinal principles out of the tough mushrooms and making them bio-available to humans. It is like TREE MEDICINE, where the mushroom fruiting body has concentrated and made the medicines from the tree available for consumption.

Ingredients: Red Belted Polypore Mushroom (Fomitopsis Pinicola), High Quality Brandy, Canmore Spring Water

You will also find increases in circulation and improved sexual performance.

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What are the benefits?

The exact benefits vary depending on what tincture you are examining. However, tinctures in general have an advantage over other medicinal products since they provide benefits much faster to the rest of the body in the most natural way possible. 

Is it safe?

If the tincture in question was created by a professional, then yes. However, plants, when mixed in these ways, may produce adverse effects if done improperly. So be sure to have a strong awareness of the dangers involved, or just get a pro to do it!

What is the best alcohol to use for tinctures?

Vodka and Rum seem to be the most common picks for creating tinctures. However, you can use any alcohol that is around 80 proof. The exact type doesnt matter so much, but the more pure, the better. Therefore you will get a more precise and pure result. 

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