Brew Babe Mushroom Coffee Blend (no sugar)
Brew Babe Mushroom Coffee Blend (no sugar)
Brew Babe Mushroom Coffee Blend (no sugar)
Brew Babe Mushroom Coffee Blend (no sugar)
Brew Babe Mushroom Coffee Blend (no sugar)
Brew Babe Mushroom Coffee Blend (no sugar)

Brew Babe Mushroom Coffee Blend (no sugar)

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Are you struggling to keep up with your busy lifestyle? Do you find yourself feeling drained and fatigued, despite your best efforts to eat well and get enough rest? 

In a world where stress and busy schedules are the norm, it's easy to feel like your energy levels are constantly depleted. Brew Babe helps you overcome this challenge by providing a natural energy boost that lasts throughout the day. 

When it comes to cognitive function, our blend has been shown to support memory, focus, and mental clarity - all essential for a busy lifestyle.

Say goodbye to feeling sluggish and drained, and hello to increased energy levels and mental clarity (without the weird jitters). Boost your immune system and support your overall health and wellbeing with this carefully selected blend of organic ingredients.


The "best tasting mushroom coffee out there". Brew Babe is an already pre-mixed, nourishing blend that is easy to use and surprisingly DELICIOUS. All you’ve got to do is add hot water or milk and mix - it's seriously that easy. This blend tastes like coffee with chocolatey undertones. Formulated to give you the buzz you're looking for without any weird jitteriness. If you're a coffee lover, this is an amazing way to upgrade your daily dose in a more nutritious way. This specific combination of adaptogens aids in adapting to stress, improving gut health, increasing brain function, sustaining energy levels & is way easier on the adrenals and nervous system. This is our sugar free Brew Babe

  • It dissolves easily into hot or cold liquids
  • Organic Shade grown instant coffee without any weird jitteriness
  • Packed with incredibly nutrient dense ingredients
  • Tastes delicious without compromising the nutritional density 

This coffee is shade grown, freeze dried instant coffee originates from the mineral-rich soils of the volcanic highlands of Papua New Guinea. Careful attention to sustainability practices, optimal ripeness at harvest, natural fermentation, and a slow roasting process, help develop the complex aroma and delicate flavour of this product.

Packed with high quality bio-available nutrients, this dynamic blend effectively goes deep into the body's cells, optimizing your mind + body! Tap into your power and experience your potential with a daily dose.

All ME products are sustainably harvested + ethically focused. ME is not only good for people, but also the planet Mutha Earth herself.

This powder is a great fit for:

  • anyone looking for a quick, convenient, high quality nutrient beverage that of tastes good (who says healthy has to be boring and gross, not ME)
  • those who are ready to get off the healthcare hamster wheel & take responsibility for their own health
  • the busy Boss Babes + Entrepreneurs that are on the go and need to be on their A game.
  • for the Athlete's + Yogi's who crave consistency, and good whole food nutrition to fuel their daily practice.
  • for the Adventuring types who are needing something that can be easily transported wherever they're exploring.


Add 1 tbsp of powder to water or your milk of choice. You can enjoy this HOT or ICED. This powder is also fantastic in smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, plant based protein balls + more. Get creative & tag us online, we would love to see what you're creating!


Organic Instant Coffee, Raw Organic Criolla Cacao, Organic Maca, Organic Mesquite, Organic Lucuma, Organic Lions Mane (fruiting bodies, steam extract), Organic Chaga (fruiting bodies, steam extracted), Organic Reishi (fruiting bodies, steam extracted)

150 g