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What are superfoods?

Superfoods are very special natural substances that are unique and extraordinary in their nutrition profile and health benefits. The specific superfoods we offer have been associated with the highest qualities of living. These foods assist with stress reduction, graceful aging, glowing energy, happiness, wisdom, physical vitality, adaptability and more. From mental acuity to clearer intuition essentially they assist in creating optimal balance & thus a harmonious relation within oneself.

Our superfoods are grown in the most natural ways including an array of organic and wild sources as to maintain their purity, their potency & wholesome genetic integrity. Here at Mutha Earth we focus on quality and sustainability.

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Superfoods are any food that is supremely rich in nutrients compared to conventional foods. These are where food meets medicine & food becomes “thy medicine”. Additionally, they are all whole & natural and therefore free of toxins that would be detrimental to your health. Examples of superfoods may be Raw Cacao, Medicinal Mushrooms (like Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane), Goji Berries, Eleuthero, Maca, Matcha and more!

With the numerous options available within superfoods, it is important to discover what needs you may have to begin with. This way we can provide the proper superfoods + or service for desired benefits such as weight loss, stress relief, benevolence, and so much more. Contact us today for a one-on-one strategy to give your body the nutrients it needs.

With the array of superfoods we offer through our product line, all of these foods are commonly known and studied for their ability to create overall vitality. When the body is fed properly on a cellular level with deeply nourishing ingredients, it can & will reveal it’s greater capacity, tapping you into a higher quality of life. That being said, the Cordyceps mushroom is actually a great pick if you are looking for some energy and vitality. It has been found to boost your overall energy levels by oxygenating the brain and muscles. It also has the ability to adapt the body to stress with its adaptogenic properties helping you tackle any day! Come by and try it out in one of our many herbal elixir beverages and experience it for yourself.

Download our free E-book for more valuable information

Meet our Team

Kat Moon Gammelseter

Registered Holistic Practitioner (RHP)
Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach (HHC)

“Bio-Hacking - Life-Stylist”

Founder & Co-Owner
Founded in 2017

Kat Moon is a solution orientated millennial coach that bridges vision with actionable steps.  Her personalized coaching style provides a direct path for those seeking to attain Self- Realization, Actualization & Sustainability. Her empowering teachings + offerings have been used by many to significantly upgrade their lives on all levels. Moon’s Holistic approach is aimed at understanding yourself on profound levels (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually through nutrition, mindset & lifestyle). It is all about the art of transformation & the bodies incredible ability to perform regeneration. Her work appeals to those who are ready to stop living out patterns that are no longer serving them & highly committed to discovering who their True Self is beyond any conditioning & stories. It is for those who wish to tap into their balanced radiant state of health + authentic creative potential. Working with Kat is for those willing to take action & be the change the world needs. Her mission is to upgrade, empower, educate & create a more sustainable, coherent, creative & self sovereign civilization. Her intentions are geared for generations to come (co-create a world we want to live within).

Linda Toresdahl

Health Enthusiast


Founded in 2017

Linda's approach is to keep it real & simple. This entails eating whole REAL foods that are nutrient rich & consciously sourced, managing stress appropriately & mixing that with a lot of love & TRUST in yourself. Trusting in your bodies innate wisdom + loving yourself deeper will yield you the results you desire. Her keen ability to say it like it is comes as a refreshing + empowering conversation that reminds you that you are an active role in the game of life & you have the power to co-create the world you want to live in.


Mutha Earth was founded upon sustainability, self-care, and superfoods. As a couple of health-driven, heart centred gals, we decided to put our knowledge, hearts and passion together to connect our community to these incredibly powerful foods.  Our main focus is to empower, to create sustainable lifestyle + self-care practices that lead to living an incredible life experience. We have many tips upon bio-hacking the body to reach your goals and optimal potential. Mutha Earth is a niche health hub with a "Remedy Superfood Elixir Bar” within. Inside it, you will find a full drink menu packed with incredible herbs, mushrooms and natural medicinal goodies served as nutritious and delicious botanical, latte like beverages.

 We always encourage customizing your drink so you can honour your life with exactly what it is you need. Our promise is around quality & we choose only the best natural, high-quality products that are sustainably grown + harvested. We lean towards wild, ethically sourced, certified fair-trade and organic. We also offer raw superfood chocolates and a handful of classes (like Raw Cacao Crafting or Herbal Happy Hour).

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Address: 622 3rd Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0H5

Phone: (403) 488-6777

Email: info@muthaearth.ca

Hours: Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm

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