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We are here in support of your own self mastery through consistent ME TIME 

We believe in your potential. We believe in your ability to sustainably transform yourself so you are living your best life, not just perpetually dieting or wishing. Good food is fuel for us & it should taste good.
It all starts with a deep commitment to self love + care.
Whether you have questions about how to get started with what product is best for you or if just need help understanding how to use them - we are here to help.  Call + connect with us today to find out more!



622 3rd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB Canada T1A 0H5 


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Thursdays, Fridays + Saturdays 12 - 5pm 

Please contact us via phone 403-393-3143 or by email if you would like to book a service/coach session, or if you have a Q about our products.

We are now offering FREE local delivery at checkout, as well as scheduled pick up!