Muthas Blend Organic Mushroom Powder (10 in 1) 125g

Muthas Blend Organic Mushroom Powder (10 in 1) 125g

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THE TEN in ONE Organic Mushroom blend contains ten incredible mushrooms that are pure and powerful! Mutha's Medicinal Mushrooms are packed with essential nutrients that help your body function at it's highest capacity. From beta-glucans, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, peptides, lectins, polyphenols, flavonoids, selenium compounds, and other micronutrients they offer support in all the right areas!

These specific mushrooms have shown the possibility of helping you literally adapt to stress, elevate your energy, increase metabolism, strengthen immunity, increase focus + memory, say goodbye to sick days, reduce inflammation, balance gut health, protect against degenerative disease, have deeper rest and manage your ideal weight.

How to Use it

Add one teaspoon of ME, Mutha Earth Mushroom Nutrition to your favourite recipe, smoothie, soup, elixir, pasta every day! 


Organic Reishi, Organic Shiitake, Organic Lions Mane, Organic Poria, Organic Tremella,​ Organic Phellinus, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Turkey Tail, Organic Maitake, Organic Chaga

125 g

100% Pure Fruiting Bodies with Hot Water Extraction Beta D-Glucans >25% starch <3% Packaged in 100% recyclable bags.

Grown in wild/natural greenhouse We guarantee active compounds verified by scientific analysis.


Start with 1 tsp daily. Works well in hot or cold drinks, smoothies, oatmeal, pastas, sauces, broths and other meals.


Organically Grown Mushrooms as Nature Intended. Deep in the mountains of China thousands of small farmers have dedicated themselves to the natural cultivation of mushrooms. These people work closely to the land and understand that food production is a sacred bond with the earth. Cultivation started in China in the 12th century. China is responsible for 85% of worldwide mushroom production.

Are you concerned about products from China? So are we. We have done our research & sourced the highest quality to ensure that our partners to produce products in a sustainable manner without the use of agricultural chemicals. This has allowed us to reach a quality standard that few other companies can meet.


  1. Every crop of mushrooms starts with selected strains, cultivars that have been developed over the course of centuries. Hundreds of mushroom research institutes are engaged in continual research and development on high yielding strains of the highest medicinal quality.

  2. Specially selected natural materials such as protein enriched sawdust and hardwood logs are used as the food base for the mushrooms. These natural substrates contain precursors that guarantee the production of important medicinal compounds.

  3. Mushroom crops are produced in greenhouses and shade-houses.

  4. A constant flow of fresh air and fresh water from deep wells is provided to the mushrooms.

  5. Natural sunlight provides the stimulus for proper mushroom formation.

  6. The mushrooms are harvested by hand and sun-dried or air dried in a dehydrator.

  7. After harvest and before processing, every crop of mushrooms is tested for possible chemical drift or other contamination.


  1. New GMP certified factories are used that only process mushrooms (so no cross contamination here).

  2. All water used in cleaning and processing is purified with an ultra filtration system.

  3. Every step of the extraction process is monitored closely according to established SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures).

  4. The extract product is dried and packed in ultra clean room environments


  1. Complete microbial testing for bacteria, yeast and mold, e.coli, and coliform's.
  2. Heavy metals analysis.
  3. Pesticide testing that exceeds USP standards.
  4. Final organoleptic evaluation.


All testing is done by qualified 3rd party labs.

  1. Complete microbial testing for bacteria, yeast and mold, e. coli, and coliforms
  2. Heavy metals analysis.
  3. Pesticide testing that exceeds USP standards.
  4. Beta-glucan testing to insure presence of active compounds.
  5. Ergosterol testing to insure fungal purity.
  6. Alpha-glucan testing to guard against adulterants and carriers.
  7. Extracts are analyzed for triterpenoids & cordycepin (which you want to have present).
  8. Final organoleptic evaluation.