Meet the Makers

Just a couple of gals with a passion for human potential & a deep love for the natural world

"I was always sick, I felt numb and so disconnected inside. At the time I was going to school to be a nurse on a scholarship & simultaneously dealing with some health issues of my own. I had a major hormonal imbalance that lead to the loss of my menstrual cycle - I went several months at a time with no bleeding, I also had horrible acne, mood swings, brain fog, insomnia, eating disorder, low self confidence, insatiable hunger, and to be honest I hated myself. I was frustrated, I had exhausted the medical community, their only answer was to take medication. I wasn’t satisfied with this and was beginning to also question the standard of care I was being taught in school - why aren’t we looking for an underlying root cause that’s connected to stress, lifestyle, eating habits, belief systems, trauma? Why are we just trying to control + eradicate the symptoms with substances that cause so many toxic side effects?

My Q's weren’t being answered. I was scared but I knew that I needed to make a big change, I needed to take self responsibility for my own health and pave a new path. I decided to look into alternative healing, especially functional nutrition. I decided to pursue Holistic Nutrition, Health Coaching and Herbalism instead. Through my discovery, education + application I healed all of my health concerns myself, 100% naturally in record timing. I felt incredible, connected & learnt how to love myself as I was, imperfections and all. I knew I had something that needed to be shared with the world as so many individuals, especially women are taught to normalise the pain, trust the expert and disregard their own potential to heal themselves naturally.

In a world where pills, injections and surgery are the only answer, where quick fixes + fads dominate everything, Mutha Earth was birthed. It was born out of a necessity to help people get off the health care hamster wheel to take back their power, shifting out of sickness with good nutrition and self-care. Mutha Earth is here to provide easy to use, high end nutrition and educational courses that help you honour your unique bio-individuality, feel good in your body & truly master your ME TIME" - KAT MOON (Founder)

Katjaak Moon -

" Multifaceted Mentor + Medicine Maker"

Co-owner, Master Herbalist, Certified Holistic Practitioner  + Coach.

Linda Toresdahl

Co-owner & Health Enthusiast